Save up to 80% on therapy.

Paying hundreds of dollars per session? We can help you get money back from your insurance.

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How it Works

Check Your Benefits

See if you're eligible for Zaya by checking your out-of-network benefits via your therapist's instant benefits verification tool.

Therapist Invites You

If you have OON benefits, your therapist can invite you to sign up. Simply set up your profile and payment method on Zaya.

Get Reimbursed

See your therapist as usual. Zaya automatically submits claims after every session, so that you receive reimbursement within a few weeks!

Product Overview


Am I eligible?
Which types of sessions can I get reimbursed?
What happens if I haven't hit my out-of-network deductible yet?
What happens if my claim gets rejected?
Is my data safe?

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